Difference between human nature and inhuman nature

Human nature

Actually defining human and imhuman nature is not so easy. We have tried to make a difference but here lot of points skipped. 

Humans are the best creation from all other creations. Really, if we think for a minute, the answer easily will get. By the way, here ponited out some common human nature that only we see in human  being. 

1. Social
2. Can laugh and cry
3. Makes various kind of sounds
4. Communicates with each other by language
5. Follows leader
6. Can cheat and tell a lie
7. Has individual thinking, belief and behaviour
8. Makes family
9. Identify each other
10. Acquires assets
11. Share foods, assets
12. Contain individual names
13. Can remember history
14. Exploring
15. Make food

Inhuman(Animal) nature

Inhuman natures also can be found in human nature. But generally we see some extremely difference between these two thing in the world.  

We are mentioning some inhuman natures. 

1. Cannot recognise each other clearly
2. Repeats same activities
3. Expert in specific work like hinting
4. Spend whole time for liveinghood activities like searching food, eating, slpeep and again do the same works
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